Now what do I do? Should I be worried?

My bf was following this nude thing on snapchat it just sends a ton of nudes and sex videos. I asked him to remove it. He did then about a month later he had it again. I asked him again to remove it he did. Why did he add it back? whats going on?


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  • Guys are jerks. We like to see that kind of stuff, even if we have a girlfriend. It's a hormonal thing. Guys mainly view that kind of stuff for stimulation when masturbating. I don't think you need to be worried, unless you think he's cheating on you with a specific person on Snapchat or is preferring to look at the stuff than be intimate with you.

    • I am not that upset that he looks at it. I am more worried that he went back again and added it. I felt betrayed.

    • Yeah I guess. Maybe say to him that you would want him to not go behind your back and be open about it. Still I won't worry about him going behind your back. Though you may feel betrayed it's not indicative of anything.

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