Well that escalated quickly?

I've been in contact with a girl for about three months.
And this Monday, we decided to meet and eat somewhere together.

And it was a bit awkward/wierd.
The conversation was mostly from my side of the table and she did not talk a lot from herself.
And after a couple of minutes she would repeatedly check her phone and start texting. (this happened throughout the dinner).

And after we were done she quickly went home via the subway.

What was that all about then?


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  • She was not interested after meeting you, I'm afraid. She had a very rude way if showing it, too.

    Delete and retreat; don't contact her again and delete contact info. She isn't worth your time.

    • Aww, thanks for MHO. Did you ever hear from her again?

    • Deleted her number and contact info.
      And haven't heard from her since ;)

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  • Awkwaaaaard... It's fairly obvious she was not interested at all. Checking phone and texting while in conversation and not telling stuff about herself to you. It's a all a bad sign

  • whatta bitch.