The guy I've been having a casual relationship with stopped talking to me?

I have been seeing this guy for 9 months now and honestly it's been wonderful. We have an amazing connection but we have been keeping things very light because initially we just wanted to have fun. I see him about two times a week and lately he has been letting me in a lot more. He invites me to places with his friends and we have borrowed a lot of each other's stuff. We are even in the same book club together. Basically it wouldn't necessarily be easy to just drop me at this point. Even though we are still pretty light and casual, he has been getting very comfortable with me. Usually whenever I go to his place it's a crazy sex session and we just cuddle and talk all night. Now I go over and sometimes we just drink beer and watch TV (and also have sex). Out of nowhere he kind of became distant. I sent him a message and a snap. He kind of gave me short to the point replies so I decided I would just give him some space. I know that there are times when people need to be alone, but it's so hard to avoid the idea that maybe he's bored of me. Does it sound like he lost interest? Or does he just need space?


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  • Sounds like he met someone else


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