I want to tell him why I truly left him. Anyone else have similar experiences?

you're very sweet and sincere (only pros sex was horrible) but I can't get past you're clingy, overly sensitive, over affectionate, bad body odor, insecurities, basically you were like dating a female that is constantly on her period, passive aggressive nature and your shitty excuses... has anyone else been through the same type of thing? I really liked this guy but there were too many cons so I had to let him go. Am I wrong? I did not wOrd it this way just in case you were wondering.


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  • There is no point in beating the guy down... besides your con may be someone else's pro.

    Just tell him you lost interest... it just happens!

    Besides he may be holding back telling you the same thing and perhaps its a relief for both of you?


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  • Nope nothing wrong with that.
    I dumped a guy because he has insecurities over people on my phone. I remember one time having to explain all my contacts. He got upset even if a man looked in my direction let alone asked a question. He had to go.
    And I told him those things to improve his chances with someone else.

    If you feel it's neccessary, for sure tell him.