What's the difference between being in a relationship and dating without being serious?

I have never been a relationship, so this is all jew to me and my best guy friend told me, " I like how we can date and still have fun without being serious" so does this mean he likes me or not?
And he also didn't say but he told me the only reason his friends teases him is because they know he likes me. But then last week he says I can find someone better than him. I am so confused haha I really like him and he is wrong about me finding someone better because he is the only guy I feel comfortable and to me honestly that's more important than personality.



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  • Being in a relationship usually involves exclusivity (unless it an open relationship) while dating does not.

    • And in your case... i suppose HE found someone else, and so he tried to let you down without hurting you too much (although it didn't work).

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    • Yeah, you definitely need to talk to him, especially since you know that your friendship will not be ruined.

    • Thank you and I will

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  • A relationship means commitment. You can be exclusive while dating but people usually just date to keep their options open.