How do you stop yourself from thinking about an ex?

He didn't want to commit, I walked away. Standard procedure. I miss him, or am in this habit thinking of him, for no reason really. I am getting tired of it but I can't help thinking about him all the time. How do I stop? I try to focus on work, I try to do something else.. but it always comes back to him.. uff


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  • You will get over it over time. At first you always remember the good things, then the bad things appear and after some months you simply forget about that person.

    • Its been months..

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    • Thanks :), i hope so. It has been 5 months. This is the first time its so hard, I hate it!

    • Sometimes it's hard depending on how high were the chemicals when you met/left him. I don't know the exact story but I am guessing you made a well thought decision. Thus you will forget about him don't worry.

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  • Break ups always suck, it's going to sting for a while but what helped me is that I did things I enjoyed. I listened to music a lot, did some hobbies. Hung out with friends. You just have to think, he's not the one for you, the break up happened for a reason and the right person will come along when things are right.