Should I say it?

I saw this guy for 2 weeks before he moved and it was buzzing. the buzzing you get like little school children. I just broke up with my boyfriend and can't go out on dates because I feel something for this other guy. Should I tell him how I feel? I just think that it'd be better if I said something? Will it scare him away? I don't love him yet but im definitely attracted to him strongly. We don't want a long distance relationship but I feel that I should get this off of my chest because we will be closer together in a few months... gahhh what do I say?


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  • Just let him know, stop beating around the bush and don't try to lock him down to commit to you long distance. Tell him this, "I wanted to let you know, I like you and I am interested in exploring that between us if you are. I know we are not near each other right now. But when we are closer, I would enjoy spending time with you and getting to know you more if you are still free."

    You can be direct with guys. Most of us actually like that.

    • Awesome. I'm pretty direct but since he's soo far I don't want to scare him off just because it's easier to do so when you are apart. Thanks bud. I appreciate it :)

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