What a bad kisser!

this guy and I got along really well when we met at a party and talked for hours. we had all these plans to hang out. but after our 2nd real date. I made the mistake of kissing him goodnight.

he is the single worst kisser I have ever experienced in my life. it was actually a deal breaking kiss. I get embarrassed just thinking about it.

he is older than me, naturally I thought he would know what he was doing by now!

we kissed. then I mentally freaked out at how awkward he was. so I tried to lead him into a more normal kiss. he wouldn't take it. he kept leading with his weird awkward snake kiss. naturally I pulled away, then I tried a close mouth kiss, try and see if maybe he just sucked at frenching. he was awkward all the time, every type of kiss I tried.

how do I let this guy down now? I really can't date him. let alone see him again, he makes me feel incredibly awkward now.


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  • If you have such pointless little expectations in all areas of your relationship with guys then you will probably end up unhappy and alone. You need to cut the guy some slack, maybe he think's your kisses are weird, but I'm betting you he wouldn't break up over something so pointless and insignificant. You not dating a guy for being a bad kisser is like a guy not dating a girl because she cannot cook his favorite meal. That would be a completely asshole-ish thing to do for such a minor detail. If you really can't stand his kissing then just tell him and he can re-adjust his style or whatever. It wouldn't really be that difficult! You really need an attitude adjustment, be lucky he even kisses you, because based on your personality I wouldn't want to.

    • We've been on 2 dates! that's hardly a relationship, there would be no 'breaking up'

      why hone in on this guy and change his ways when I could just get back out there and find someone more suitable for me right now?

      like you wouldn't leave a chick you went on 2 dates with if she farted every time she kissed you or something. that's how repulsive it is. just to create a better parallel than your 'dumping a chick because she can't cook your fav meal' one.

    • How do you know that someone "more suitable" will want to be with high maintenance girl like yourself? Guys tend to stay away from your type unless they are desperate. And no, I wouldn't leave a chick if she farted when we kiss, because farting is completely natural and she could have just eaten some bad mexican food and because I'm not that shallow.

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  • I'm not going to judge you.

    Kissing is a big part of expressing love and care in a relationship. I understand why you can feel this is a deal breaker if he's reeeeeeally bad.

    If you really like this guy. Could you consider teaching him to become a better kisser? Couldn't this be fun in a way? :)

    I know this would probably hurt his ego a lot but you would be making him a favour of a life time!

  • I wouldn't leave a girl because I thought she was a bad kisser, although as a notoriously awful kisser myself I am of course biased in this matter.

    Still, I got a pretty good laugh from "deal breaking kiss". It's odd that you're embarrassed about the kiss itself when it doesn't reflect poorly on you at all, unlike coming to the public to complain about it.

    Badly done indeed.

  • Man..I wish I could I help you out there...I definitely was not a good kisser when I started out..but now I have very good kissing reviews. The reason it did improve was the fact that a girl just like yourself, who felt awkward after my terrible kissing told me how she liked to be kissed. Elementary, I know. Even though this girl and I never hit it off a long time ago, I have to thank her for telling me how she liked to be kissed.

    Simple enough. But you could help this poor guy out.

  • lol I remember my mother actually broke up with a guy she really, really liked because he was such a bad kisser. That so far makes three instances of this happening that I personally am aware of...


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