Does she like me? Or no?

So there is this girl that I guess you can say I have a crush on. She is really pretty. She also was born with Major depression. In the past she used to send me hearts and say I love you. We actually went out once. Then one day she said "Why should we say I love you if were not even dating?" I kinda agreed. But a few days ago she sent me clevage pics. Now she only says Hi not hey when I text her. She has been really depressed lately and I dont know what I can do. I just want to make her happy and be able to know if she likes me.

By the way she said a week ago that she didn't want to date me becuase in previous relationships, whoever she dated ended up ignoring her. But clevage pics came a few days after


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  • did you ask her to say i love you?
    girls are like that sometimes i suggest you move on i see you getting hurt in your future

    • No, one day we were just snapchating me she was sending clevage. And she just said ily. And we kept going from there.

    • im confused. i suggest you leave he alone. she seems bi polar

    • Do you think I did anything wrong? I got her a Valentine's gift, went to the mall. All I've done is giver her love. No arguments or fights.