What do you like when you like a girl?

I work out regularly and notice that every now and then some random new guy after a while will start to act almost as if he's interested in me, staring.. coming near me etc. but doesn't actually say anything to me. What i'm curious though is when in these situations, with him not knowing me at all, what is it about me that he likes... like I get looks are important but not enough to be interested in someone week to week? Is there something else guys notice they like or is it all based on 'I wanna bang that person' and day in and day out they keep that thought?


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  • Could be anything. I mean maybe he things you are good enough to bang, but he could just be thinking that you seem like someone he would really enjoy being around. There really isn't enough information to go off of.

    I tend to do the same thing as he is doing with people that I want to date but I don't know very well or at all.

    • But what is it about her that makes you want to date her as you said? Is it the way she carries herself? Is there something particular you notice or is it just attraction?
      Cause for instance this guy wasn't acting like this when I first saw him here, it was a few weeks after he joined that I noticed him start to get closer to me/show interest... I didn't change in appearence in between lol.

    • well many times it is just small things she does. Maybe the way she smiles or has a little skip in her step or even some nervous tick she may have sometimes can be cute. Typically they are little things that sometimes even the guy doesn't even directly notice he finds attractive.

  • generally its like, i want to bang that person but whatever else happens happens. its not that we rule everything else out, its just like, i dont even know this person, how the fuck would i know if i want to date, be friends with or have a future with this woman if i dont even know her yet? But you dont have to know someone to want to fuck them.


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