Friends and co-workers trying to set me up... but one problem, what to do?

So basically I have 5-6 co-workers who have made it a mission to set me up with a new co-worker of mine. Every day that goes by, the more I realize someone else is in on it. My office mate started it, she is in our office hanging out every afternoon and he came up with the idea to set me up with her, saying she is perfect for me. He then got two of our work friends on it, and they got both her and I drunk at a house party last weekend and tried to set us up with each other. Two of my friends and their girlfriends were obviously in on it too, the guys kept telling me to go hang out with her and the girls were asking her questions about the problem I will discuss below. This week at work I realized two of my female coworkers are in on it now, telling me that I need to ask her out, that we look great together, and we need to be dating.

I really like her, and we are becoming good friends and really fast, we spend a lot of time together and text a lot. At work we hang out a lot and go to lunch a lot. Like I said we both were at a same party on Friday .

BUT... but... there is one BIG problem

She has a boyfriend. Apparently my co-workers don't think it's a big deal. She just moved here for her job. Her boyfriend still lives on the other side of the state, 3-4 hours away. I guess they have dated about 5 months. The females at the party we were at were prying her about her BF and I guess they don't think it will last, or that is what they are telling me.

So I mean what should I do? I really like her, and we are becoming fast friends and I would love to ask her out. But I haven't even so much as flirted with her, let alone made any moves because she has a boyfriend. But now daily my co-workers are telling me I need to make moves and seal the deal, it is coming from all angles, even mutual friends who are good friends with her too.

Any suggestions?


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  • Well, you are a man of honor. Push back. Tell your co-workers and friends that you cannot break her relationship with her current boyfriend. If she was unhappy in her relationship, it would be different.


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  • try talking to her about her bf yourself

    • Would it look worse if I am talking to her about her boyfriend? Apparently everyone else is doing it already for me without me asking... but I don't want her thinking I am pushing for her to break up or that this is all my idea in case she wasn't interested and takes it wrong, could make things awkward.

    • No idon't think it'll look worse

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