Does this make me a completely different type of man if I chose to be in a relationship with a woman who's completely different from my mother?

Completely different as in how she looks and how she acts.

I mean I love my mother (me and her have a good relationship) and everything and she's a beautiful woman in her own way and right but I think it's disgusting to date a woman who looks anything remotely close to my mom, let alone, even thinking about it.

I mean I'll date a woman who has my mother's hard working, tenacious, compassionate and kind-hearted traits. That's about it but anything else, a BIG NO. Again it feels very disgusting to even think of my girlfriend/wife that way.

In case you''re wondering why I ask, the majority of men I know tend to date women, who reminds them of their mothers, which kinda freaked me out.


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  • yes u r so uneeke

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