For young women, how much does a guys hair factor into a guys attractiveness or whether or not you could date him?

You always see axe ads saying a guys hair is everything to young women but is it true? I'm concerned because I'm an 18 year old who suffers from a condition somewhat like alopecia so I have to shave my head to the skin, (I still have eyebrows and everything though just scalp hair affected) people tell me it looks good on me but it's hard not to get self conscious when I see those hair ads pop up, so young ladies how much does hair matter and could a completely shaven head if pulled off well, be attractive to you? Or is it a dealbreaker and puts me at a disadvantage? I have a poll but comments are appreciated and honesty is too.

  • Hair is huge for me, a big factor so, sorry a shaved head I couldn't get with.
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  • While hair does matter, and it is a big factor, I view a shaved head as another suitable style that I could accept or even find attractive
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  • Hair isn't a huge factor, it's a combination of things, that being said its still important enough a completely shaved head is still a no go for me.
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  • Hair isn't a huge factor, I look at the combination of a guys assets, so I could go with a guy with a bare head.
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  • It usually depends what a guy looks good with. If a guy looks nice with a shaved head it is massivley attractive. But i personally like longer hair on a guy. I like it messy too. Hair doesn't affect weather i'de date him or not though. Sorry about your hair by the way /:

    • Thanks, it sucks but in from a military family so short to no hair wasn't as much a shock to me when I shaved as it would be to some American eagle model type guy. As far as pulling it off goes, people say I do it pretty good, only drawback for me is I'm skinny (a lot of muscle tone from the gym but not mass) and I have skin that won't tan for the life of me, but people say I have a good head shape and face for it so it evens out I'd say.

    • Good for you dude (:

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