What defines a proper date?

Is there something that defines a proper date vs a casual hangout/date?


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  • a proper declaration of intent


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  • Date: You guys are interested in each other or interested in getting to know each other more.

    Hang out: Already friends just acting friendly without any flirting.

    • I know the difference between dating and hang out, I wanted to know what makes a proper date difference from a casual date.

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    • Well yeah, but I already answered. A proper date is whenever you're interested in the other person and are getting to know each other more, while the casual date is more just a hangout type when you do just that.. hang out. Like you can go ice skating, holding each others' hands, flirting/getting close. that'd be a proper date, but if you just go to the movies, and don't talk or touch or anything, you just are hanging out/casual date.

    • oh thats what you are talking about. ok. thanks. sorry for misunderstanding.

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  • A date to me involves a plan in advance where you actually go somewhere and do something. Dinner, movie, skiing, whatever.

    A casual hangout is usually a last minute plan. You either go to each other's house or for a quick bite somewhere. It has a low-key feel.

    • I see. That makes sense.

    • If a guy asks if you want to "hang out" in a few hours and either has no plan or just asks you to come over, it's casual. Basically.

    • Cool thanks.

  • romantic talk, holding hands, kisses.