What do you think about the guy who does the absolute minimum that is required?

By that, I mean guys like the one that I'm kind of sort of dating. I'm ALMOST ready to move on and find someone else because he's not super awesome, but he keeps doing the absolute minimum amount of work required to keep me interested. For example, stuff like this:

- My rule is that if we go for 72 hours without talking, then I contact him once more, and if he doesn't respond, I move on. He went without talking to me for 72 hours once, and when I poked him, he apologized and now he messages me every two days lol.
- On my bday, I was ready to move on if he forgot about it. At about 11:30pm he wishes me a happy birthday.
- If we decide to hang out sometime during the week, then he'll call me maybe on Friday , and try to see me during the weekend.
- If he promises to do something for me, he'll forget about it, until the last moment when he remembers and does it.

So, in all, he's not bad, but I also feel like he's "barely passing". And it's not a one-sided thing either. I often initiate contact, when he doesn't call me. When he doesn't make plans, I try to make plans. And so on.

What do you think of a relationship like this? We're not actually officially dating but it could happen in the near future... And he's quite romantic and attentive when we're together.


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  • i like him.

    • I like him quite a bit, too!

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    • to each his own :)

    • @Asker just poke him aka @anonymous

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  • Hmm, I don't know, I think just think he's not really interested. Maybe you need to be more expressive or maybe you should sensitively ask him I don't know. So whats the reason that you two are seeming a bit distant from eachother?


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  • Have you talked about your needs in a relationship? You're giving him tests that he doesn't even know he's taking without him even knowing what you expect in a relationship. Communication is the foundation of a prosperous relationship.

  • your rules and pass fail mindset is probably a gigantic turn off for him. ever think about that?

    • it's not like i tell him that i have all these things. obviously things are flexible but at the same time for each guy that i come across, i have to make a decision whether to date him seriously or move on. i don't think having concrete things to think about is bad.

    • oh but he knows. trust me.

    • i doubt it, actually ;)

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