Why did he look at me?

So I went kinda on a date with a not so close friend and I feel like we have a thing but it's insure of. We haven't really talked much since then. (Yesterday) but I feel like he avoids eye contact with me sometimes and when we do we have a long term eye contact and it's weird. Today I walked by him and he didn't look at me until I got like 2 feet away it was like he was avoiding looking at me as I walked by but when I got like 2 feet away he immediately looked at me. I don't know what we have going on but it's weird. We're still cool and everything I just feel like we both don't know what we feel for each other or where we stand. (Btw it was an accidental date, we ended up sitting next to each other and got food and talked.. it felt like a date but I don't know.)

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  • He likes you ofcourse but doesn't want you to know it.


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