Would you do this for no good reason?

The other day a guy in one of my classes came up and stood next to me when he could have stood anywhere and there were tons of places he could have been but instead of just sitting in the back or near others he specifically stood next to me. Then he like scratched his head or something looking at me. The last part was likely irrelevant. I'm curious, (guys) would you stand next to a girl when you could have been with your friends or even guy best friend for no good reason? Would you have to like her to stand next to her? Am I overthinking this and it means absolutely nothing? Please help me out here. Thank you.


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  • Odds are, he likes you. I know I wouldn't leave my friends for a girl I didn't like!

    • Thank you for your help. :)

      Why would a guy just stand there though? Like he didn't even say anything just went and stood there.

    • He probably didn't say anything because he was nervous! He wanted to be near you because he likes you, but he's too nervous to say anything! That's happens a lot :)

  • depends on his age

    • Please expand on what you mean by depending on age. (:

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