Always his house?

I've just noticed after we go out we always hang out at my boyfriend's house.

recently we haven't had time to go out so I just go straight to his house

with my ex I always hang out at his house too. rarely my house. I'm cool with this because I like being out of the house

not going to lie, I did get worried this shows lack of effort. is anyone else's relationship like this?


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  • WoW, this is overthinking something you just won't find a certain answer for without actually asking him...

    You know on one hand this could implicate your thought but I don't think it's the case... it could also mean he doesn't want to push you for you to make him known around your family in person... maybe he just want's to give you time before you invite him into your "life" - as in getting to know the family, too.

    If you would like him to come over to your place, too, or if you really want him to have in your room, too, then just say so. Or ask him to come over sometime. I highly doubt it's a llack of interest in you ;) Really, don't think too much on such matters.

    Hope this helps a bit.


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  • Why change what's working?

    Don't over think this. Most guys just prefer having their girlfriend on their own turf. From my experience women actually prefer this. It's a "who's wearing the pants" type of thing. It's also more attractive to feminine women.

    If you actually don't like it, say so. Otherwise stop worrying about things... you'll only drive yourself nuts, and you'll end up pushing him away.

    ~ Robby


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  • My man never comes over either. At first I thought it was out of laziness and lack of effort too, but if he was lazy he'd never do things with me or take me places. Has he come over at all yet? How long have you been together? I'm careful who I bring home to meet my family, I want to make sure they pass the normal test before I do. Some guys feel it is disrespectful to do "certain" things at a girls house also, so that could be part of it. I'd rather go over there myself, more privacy. If it is getting to you simply invite him over and if he declines just ask why. If you feel like he is bein lazy and lacking in the relationship I would do less. Just my personal opinion.

    • Yeah we have been dating four months. he has come over three times? and he has met my parents. I guess maybe his house is more convinent. he lives in the basement and the garage goes straight there and there's a door to the basment as well. so that's convinent when we are up til 3 am.

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    • I mean I don't like being home anyway. haha. I just wasn't sure if this was a bad sign

    • Def not. :)