Female friend says I'm genuine, does that mean I have enough qualities to be considered attractive to girls?

Also does being genuine mean an alpha male? I'm not an asshole, never was, but I'm honest and not afraid to speak the truth when necessary. Plus I have the natural ability to be totally comfortable around women and approaching/talking to them.

Don't get me wrong I don't believe in going out and thinking to myself as an alpha male, I just am myself lol.


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  • Alpha male:
    Handsome, calm, reserved, not looking for attention, quiet confidence, humble, kind, warm, loving, charismatic, charming, sweet, sexy, smart, creative, imaginative, romantic.

    Brad Pitt... Do you ever hear him bragging, cursing, raising his voice, telling woman mean things? Nope.

    All things I have been told by men and women... Including being Alpha...

    When I show up, and there are a bunch of these "alphas" measuring their d*** and being loud, they quickly quiet down once they realize they aren't being true to themselves... Which is what alpha really is, isn't it?
    Speaks when he feels he needs to, assertive (NOT AGGRESIVE), kind, helpful.

    Do I purposefully hurt women? No. When they ask what I'm looking for, I say that I'm working on myself and not looking for anything serious. 2 months down the road, when she wants to get into a relationship I decide if I see her as GF material...

    Alpha males seize opportunities... This alpha crap is getting out of hand.

    Now a girl tells me she is going to school and has a plan in life, that is a totally different story... 2 months down the road I will enter a relationship. Does she travel? check. Does she cook? check.
    does she have a good relationship with her family? check. Does she have lots of girlfriends? check
    is she more reserved? check. Is she doing something in life? check. Following her passions and dreams? check.

    Now for guys that share my mentality, it get's tough... Because a woman like the one mentioned in the paragraph above might move to Europe in pursuit of her dreams. See the flip-side?

    Alpha males are progressive thinkers, positive, charming, confident, winners... If US REAL alpha males find women that aren't stuck up, disagreeable, unfaithful, snobby, and/or play hard to get (which FYI, is unattractive)
    HAPPINESS is the most attractive quality in women.

    "Plus I have the natural ability to be totally comfortable around women" That is alpha, ALWAYS comfortable and ALWAYS in control.


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  • I had a guy say this to me once. It was the best compliment ever! I think it just means you are open, honest, and not fake. Congrats there are so few people like that left today. Societies goals today are to be a copy of a copy who is a copy of a dead copy. You sir are a breath of fresh air.

    • Thanks for the nice words. My female friend is honest and stuff, I appreciate her views. I enjoyed life being single in my 20s and 30s, i think the time is coming when I'm getting ready to settle with someone special.

    • Good luck! Try finding someone who is just as genuine as you so you can have genuine babies and hopefully put some common sense back into this world!

  • My thoughts are that being genuine is something people exude. Just like when we might approach an individual and get the feeling that they are self-absorbed or a negative person. Please note that I am not saying these qualities are the same, I am just using this as a reference. I would like to believe that being genuine would give you a leg up on competitors in combination with your other qualities.


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  • Genuine narcissist!

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