Would you do this if you felt bad for dumping your bf?

It was her parents or me she chose me it was getting to her. she backed out of moving out together last minute and ended it. She called me the next day crying hyserially saying she just wants me and doesn't want anybody else. I don't know if she was doing this just to save my ego or it was really that hard for her. But then later clarified its no a good time for us to be together.

When she ended this she was so calm and collected I said this sounds so non chalant for you. At the end of the call I could tell she was crying though.


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  • 18-24... she doesn't know what she wants. You simply have to respect that.
    Make plans for your own life. Don't wait. She will catch up if she needs to

    • I know and I have started Tom this question has just been going through my head a lot driving me crazy

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    • Dude I don't care who you are everyone needs to grieve.. I still have everything going on in my life still focused and I'm not revolving my life around her. Its just a question that's been storming my head.

    • there's the reaction I was looking for. See. All my shit talking has started to work on you. Your welcome.

      Yes it is difficult. Sometimes confusing. Just wanted to make sure your head doesn't get stuck in that love spell forever though.