How do I get a boyfriend?

Never been in a relationship 23 years old.


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  • 10 Steps to Having Your First Boyfriend:

    1) Buy a "boyfriend seed", soil, and a pot from your local Walmart.
    2) Go home and put the stuff together.
    3) Take a picture of the items to post on Instagram and include "Bout to get my first BOYFRAN <3 #flowers" in the caption.
    4) Put soil in the pot.
    5) Put the seed in the soil.
    7) Water that shit.
    8) Wait until boyfriend grows.
    9) Fuck bitches.
    10) Get money.

    • Is that how you got your gf?

    • Yes, indeed it is. 60% of the time, it works every time.

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  • Walk outside. Head to a location with a lot of foot traffic. Close your eyes, hold out your finger, spin in a circle three times. Whoever you land on is your new boyfriend. Congratulations!

  • I never had a boyfriend either, but here's what I try. Be outgoing! If you go to college or work, make conversations. Talk to the person you are interested in! Eventually he'll feel the same way maybe. Or you guys could be really good friends. Have some nice style! Don't change yourself, but adjust it a bit. Be confident! I'm pretty sure you'll find Mr. Right sooner or later. Tell whoever your interested in how you feel! I recently told my crush how I feel, sadly, he wasn't interested. But if their not interested, dont worry, theirs plently of fish in the sea! Hope that helped!

    • Thanks :) I'm thinking of asking my crush out hehe

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