Cancelled the second date? What to do?


I met a girl in a bar two weeks ago and we went for our first date last weekend which went really good. She texted me the next morning saying that she had a good time. She is quite busy working in a restaurant and when I asked her when to meet again, she said she will have a day off this Saturday and we agreed to meet then.

Yesterday I asked her if she wants to me come to my place on Saturday so I can cook for her but she replied saying that she will have to go to work as they are short of staff, which I believe is a genuine excuse. We haven't agreed for another date. I know that she has a quite busy schedule but I would like to see her again. I don't want to sound clingy though. What will be the best action to take?


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  • Don't call her on your place. Girls get scared of this if you call on your place so early. Get to know her well and make her feel comfortable.
    Ask her again when you feel it's safe.
    Good Luck.