Can a guy find a girlfriend without touching?

I mean, Orthodox Jewish couples have made it to the marriage ceremony without so much as a handshake. There's gotta be more to attraction than just touching *Uggh I'm scared!*

I have Asperger's and I'm shy as heck to touch a girl so I have to rely on my witty sense of humor for her to show attraction to me and then maybe I can touch her waist/shoulder.


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  • Yes he can. of course


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  • You can find women who will date guys who are shy in that area. Don't let Asperger's define you, you are much more than that. You would be wise to become friends with a woman prior to dating so you can feel comfortable around her. If anything you might keep a girl on the hook because you aren't all touchy feely, she might think you're being a gentleman ;)


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  • What kind of relationship are you hoping to have once you're together a while?

    With orthodox couples, they don't touch because they're not allowed, but one hopes they are burning with desire to do so once permitted.

    • I would touch once we're official. Any touching before that is a possibility for a "Get away from me, creep!" comment.

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    • Noo! Not that. I mean first holding hands when the relationship begins, then fixing her hair and once she is satisfied with it, then I can move further.

    • My point is that there's never, ever going to be a magic sign saying 'okay to do xyz', even when married.

      You're simply going to have to learn the 'stages' of touch, and practice reading how women respond to them, when there's a green light to go further, and when there's a yellow light to back off a little.

      Scary. Not impossible. Avoiding learning won't magically let you learn.

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