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So this guy asked me out persistently for a month before we were able to make time to meet up. It was a good first date. The next morning he text me say hope I got home safe and blah blah and then a week later texted just chatted. We live in Manhattan, he works in finance in Manhattan and I know from my friends when it is busy season, these people are really busy working till 1am and what not. So we haven't gotten together yet for another date. I was out with my friends for my b-day and I didn't actually want him to come - i just want to show interest and put the ball in his court so I invited him and he text me back with three texts saying sorry twice and he was at lunch with his sister and hope I had fun. Then the work week cam and still nothing (but even when he was persistently texting I didn't really hear form him during the work week). So later that week I asked if maybe he wanted to get a drink next week and he almost immediatley responded saying "ya def I've been working so hard like up to 1 every night this week and thats why I haven't asked you out again" so the next week came and i just felt desperate asking him to do that so I said "hi sorry but now im the one thats busy and can't meet up haha. maybe some other time" and he said "haha no worries im so busy this week still we'll find time soon". First.) did i seem desperate doing this (uuuugh) 2.) my firends are giving me all different feed back cause they dont know him and some are like he's just not that into you and others think he is. Would love some feedback on if he is interested and i should just be patient or if he's just not that into me.


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  • First I have a question, why did you say: "hi sorry but now im the one thats busy and can't meet up haha. maybe some other time"? Did you really mean it?

    • Ya, I did.

    • Well, as you said it's very possible that he's busy.
      As a rule of thumb never, even after some evidence, give his interest for granted. On the other hand if his interest is not natural but the result of your own efforts then it would probably lead to an unnatural and non-spontaneous relationship anyway.
      Try to balance your outbursts of "affection" with some preemptive coolness. It helps both in remaining interesting to him in the most natural way of "not giving yourself away too easily" and at the same time keeping a levelhead in judging his actions and attitude towards you.
      Hope this helps in this and future situations.
      What do you feel like doing next?

  • He loves you


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