How do you find online dating.......does it really work??

Just wanted to know if anyone as met their partner this way...and what was your experience of on line dating.Was it good or bad...are people really looking for dates of just no strings adult fun.Answers please.


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  • I think that some people are just looking for adult fun. I would say that lots of people are genuine if you find them, I also think that you should get to know someone partially over the internet, but if you see them in real life as well, then you couldn't go wrong. Some people seem fine over the keyboard, but when you meet them in person they are totally different.


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  • I'm trying this online thing now. It's been about four months now, and I've only had a phone conversation with one person. I've exchanged a few email through the sites a couple times but, so far no luck. Hope you do better than I.


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  • I've never tried online dating myself but my best friend just got back from her honey moon the other day. They met on a year and a half ago and at first I was skeptical but now I see that they are a perfect match for one another. She did go on several dates with guys she met online before she met a keeper. I guess you just never know where you are going to find true love. If you are going to try it just make sure that you are safe about it. Meet the guys at the restaurant or bar and always tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be home. There are so many crazy people out there that you really need to take precautions. Good Luck!

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