Asked a girl to lunch, she said yes but now not responding?

Yesterday I built up the courage after to class (college) to ask this girl if she wanted to get lunch Friday . first we were talking about tv and movies then at one point when we were outside she said do we not have class friday? I said yeah, by the way are you doing anything friday? she said no why? I said would you like to get lunch? she said sure! then after i told her I would text her about where we should go. Today around 12 I texted her saying i think we should go here unless she already knows of a place.
No response for 3 hours now, what would you do?
text tonight, text tomorrow morning if we are still on or?


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  • I'd wait.. text her again in the morning just on the off chance that maaaaybe your first text didn't go through... if you don't hear anything back from her then, cut your losses, because chances are she was just being polite and has no desire to go for lunch with you... sometimes women will do that just to get you to go away if they're not interested, I know it's kind of mean, but I think it's largely because a lot of men can be very, very pushy so it's easier just to "give in" and then back out, then it is to just say no up front.

    • i'm seeing her next week in class wouldn't she have to face me? she sits next to me

    • haha well prepare for some awkwardness!

      Though, maybe you'll find out something happened to her phone and she wasn't able to reach you or recive your texts... guess you'll find out next week.

    • don't text tomorrow morning/

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  • Text tomorrow. She could be busy depending on her schedule. Patience, my friend, patience.

    • what would you say?

    • Hey I just want to confirm if you're still good for lunch today at (restaurant.)

  • I would forget it and carry on living life as normal.

    • but i'll see her in class next week

  • If its only been a couple hours I would wait, she might be busy or she might have forgot to text you back. Should wait at least 24 hours before you start worrying.