How do you know if a guy is playing hard to get?

I'm talking to this guy for a month but now he's stop texting or callling but still talks and play around with me in person. What kind of actions would he do if he is playing hard to get?


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  • Guys in general don't play "hard to get" We are simple and cut and to the point. He's probably busy working, eating, hanging out with friends, fixing his car, studying, reading a book, in a bar, at a nightclub. There are several reasons why a guy hasn't texted or called back. But from what I know. No stable and confident man plays "hard to get" that seems more of a woman thing. Hope this helps 😃

    • Well we talked since last month but he doesn't like texting and I couldn't talk to him in person cuz i'm really shy. Then I decided last week to tell him about it but i didn't get the chance to, then i didn't tell him when i did on Friday . he ignored me since Wednesday. Sunday he texted me saying if you won't talk to me in person im going to quit texting you so i talked to him Monday. He said "we'll see" after I told him why I can't talk to him. He still hasn't texted me or answer my calls but the only thing different is that he talks to me in person and teases me.

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    • He's not texting again, If I try to talk to him about fixing it he won't answer but he helped me with hw. What does he want?

    • Should I speak to him in person and clear things up or don't try again. I spoke to him twice already

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  • He probably pretend to want sex and if you can't; well, that's your problem.

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