Girls leaves me for ex, crys for me back, and leaves again?

This girl who i dated for 8 months, cheated on me with her ex, we broke up. 3 months later she's crying for me back. Within a couple of days, i find out she was telling her ex she loved him, he never knew she was with me, and she was playing him. They werent even hanging out. So as she was screwing me, she was telling him she loved him every night. How terrible is that? The guy didn't even know, he gave me his Facebook info, and i read their messages. They were only talking through Facebook.

Why do women do this? I love this girl, but now i have to move on. Because now, she broke up with me again, and is already back with him after a couple of days. Even after he found out he was being played. Lol. What do i do?

The guy knows i can manipulate her. But she can manipulate me as well.
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  • Dude I don't know why people do messed up things like that either. My only guess is they tie their self esteem to a relationship and then can't give it up no matter how messed up things get.

    Wish the other guy luck and hope he gets out soon. Good on you for getting away from that whole disaster.

    • He knows she was cheating on him with me, yet he still went back. Literally 2 days after we broke up, they're back together. She and him both blocked me on Facebook, and my ex does nothing but blame it all on me.

      The guy is in deep shit to keep on going with her. I just don't understand. Love does some terrible things..

    • That sucks for him. I don't know how he could stand to take her back after all that :/

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  • "Why do women do this?"

    Please don't equate this with all women. Most of us don't pull crap like that, just like most guys don't two-time women.

    What should you do? Cut all ties with her. She's a shitty person.

    • What i dont understand the most is how her ex boyfriend of 3 years will find out that im fucking her, while she tells him she loves him every night through Facebook only. He never knew we were dating, and found out she was cheating. But still went back to her lol.

    • Not your problem

  • You do nothing. She likes playing games and enjoys the attention.


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  • You keep letting her in. You got self esteem issues. No self respect nor boundaries. How can any being ever respect you as a person. Really.. think about it

    • Yeah your right. But explain the fact that she's been fucking me, but lies to the ex boyfriend, tells him she loves him each night while fucking me, then he finds out, tells me he wouldn't date her again, but then 2 days later, they're dating after the breakup of me and her?

      Maybe i let her in too much, fine. Idc. I loved her, and i wanted to try to make it work. But who really has the problems here?

    • That was her second chance by the way, and i feel people deserve them. But no more.

    • You're giving yourself credit. That's a whOle different issue. She's psycho path. It's her high to do this.. get that through your head and have self respect