Should I text her again?

I contacted a girl after about two months the first time we met. She seemed to recognized me but I think I failed to pass the message through. She is very religious and I tried to make that she and I met at church again but she said she is not going to the services I asked for so... I would say texts were going ok but nothing exceptional. I am thinking in sending a message a couple of days later just to know how she is doing and to wish her a good day. Do you guys think this is appropriate or I would look creepy. I also was thinking in leaving things like that and if it happens we meet then I would have a chance to say hi and work it from there. I don't want to look creepy or fall into the friends-zone by being nice.


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  • Yes, try approaching her physically first. Make her feel secure to chat with you online and then you can take the things to another level.
    Good luck.

    • you mean I shouldn't text her until we meet in person again?

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    • This would be risky in my opinion. And it's not even impressive. I recommend you to physically talk to her.

    • Thanks :) best wishes

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