Should I be worried?

When me and my boyfriend text, it takes him a little while to reply. Literally as said a little while as in 1-2 minutes.. Before he would reply like 30 seconds after me but now he doesn't. From the conversation with me he always switches to another which he didn't before and i feel like he's talking to another girl or something.. I don't know i'm probably going crazy but i just don't know what to think..

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  • I think you're being a little crazy.

    • haha yeah probably... we have a long distance relationship.. 5 hours away. not that i don't trust him, i've just had bad experiences with my ex's so i'm always worried someone's going to hurt me.

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  • you're trolling us so good x)

  • You think too much. He could probably sense it and thinks it annoying.

    • yeah well i don't really make him notice i just talk like i always do haha

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