Girls, when a guy tells you he wants a serious relationship how do you take it?

It always seems to me like the few girls I'm interested in that return the interest are always skeptical when I say what I want in a relationship, and I don't say anything like her and I have to rush into anything but I just mean when I explain what I want in my life someday, they seem to doubt me or think I'm crazy, so how do you take it when a guy tells you that? Is it just that most girls really don't want that now?


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  • If I like him then I would appreciate the fact he takes relationships seriously. Not necessarily bc I want to jump into one but I find people who are openly willing to admit they want a relationship refreshing and I admire it.

    It also lets me know that if we start dating he's not going to freak out if I end up liking him... Which is helpful:)

    Too much worrying about liking people , instead of just living :)

    • Good to know people still can respect it, honestly I can understand some of the confusion, people say I look more like a live free rebel type (due to a condition somewhat like alopecia I have to shave my head which I think is a big part of it) that would probably be more interested in one stands or something short term like that. unfortunately can't really change the scalp situation at all. :/

    • Id think of you look like a rebel and act like a sincere guy thats a hot combination. Gitls can live the Dream without suffering for it;)

      My bf has dark eyes and looks kinda edgy bc he's ususlly thinkong aboit school work but it gives him a menacing look. in fact he's a total nerd :p I love it.

      But I see your point might take them time to -_ believe_ you:) consistency helps when you're earning trust.

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  • I really enjoy a guy who is open about wanting a serious relationship cuz so many young guys now a days are immature, flaky, and SO lame! All they seem to want are casual flings, friends with benefits, an screwing around with people and its annoying -_-

  • Didn't read your thing but just by the question we feel awesome that's what we want a serious relationship at least I do not just a game

  • It's a good thing and hard to find at your age. Most guys just wanna get laid then

    • I think that's a part of it, the girls who do actually want something real this age are paranoid I'm one of the majority of guys this young who do just want that. However a decent amount of girls I've talked to seem in the same boat of just wanting to party and sleep around so I'd say a lot of people aren't mature yet, if they ever will be.

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