Hey What Going On? Seriously what's wrong with me?

I'm in the oddest spot possible for a person to be in, it's not bad but it's not good, first off I don't belong to any social label at all the Preps love me and the nerds love me to, I listen to Blues Music but I water neon outfits, I make people laugh all the time, I do odd/ stupid stuff non stop but everybody seems to like it, I'm known as papa "My Name" because I deliver great moral advice, while every guy in the school loves me and wants me to hang out with them all the time every girl absolutely abhors me. Whenever I try to joke with them they end up quipping back some really mean "not playing along with the joke kind of mean" but upright cruel comment like they don't anything to do with me, even at homecoming whenever I approached a girl they all ran ran away or made some excuse or just upright said no, the few girls that talk to me I've attempted to ask out but they have rejected me, really I'm just confused, can anyone attempt to de code this? I've never had a girlfriend or even a kiss yet and with me going to college soon I'm really worried about having no experince with girls and going to college with no experince, am I just ugly? Or is there something I'm just not seeing here? Thanks for listening


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  • This is just a theory. I don't get the Papa _____ stuff, but it has been going around my school as well. There is a guy that the "popular" guys call Papa "his name". He's a nice guy, fairly well-liked, kind of nerdy. I actually kind of like him like him. But something the other guys were doing almost made me not like him and he had nothing to do with it! One day, during class while the teacher was gone these guys started making inappropriate comments about him and a girl, called Mama "her name". I mean, this was pretty crude stuff. He did nothing to be talked about, and she surely didn't deserve to be talked about in that fashion. I was sitting between the two perpetrators and it was really awkward. (My friends try not to talk about certain stuff around me, one girl called me, "an innocent little lamb" lol. And that is for kind of minor stuff. What these guys were talking about was pretty dumb and crude. Tons of sexual comments.)

    Who knows, maybe these same guys are talking behind your back to the girls at your school? If your guy buddies are making comments about you that are distasteful, girls will have that attitude you are referring to. I know if I heard that a guy was creepy or whatever (even if it was a stupid joke) I would be cautious and distance myself, even if I didn't know him. That is the only thing I can think of because you sound like an ok guy : )

    • Also, maybe you could tone down on the goofiness.

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    • Ok that makes sense, thank you very much

    • Good luck! Happy to help : )

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  • You can't be a joke, but you wanna make jokes. See the difference?

  • Girls don't like you because you're not serious. There's a time to be funny and a time be serious.

  • Sounds like you need to find different girls!

    • Please explain

    • If the girls around you now don't like you for who you are, it's their loss! Find girls who can accept you for who you are; goofiness and all! =P

      Don't worry about college, either: there's many more strange and interesting people at college! :3

    • Fair enough I suppose, and as for the college part I'm going to a very very traditional southern college (Ole Miss) so odd behavior isn't tolerated where I'm going, in 100% truth I really don't care about High School "romance" (though I would like one) I'm just worried about everyone else in college having experince and me being lost, I really appreciate you responding, and thank you for your time

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