How do you know when to start a relationship? Please help?

Before I start you should know something about me, I tend to be extremely considerate for all girls I like, I always want the absolute best for them, meaning I would never ask them out if it would hurt our friendship. Obviously this has effected me greatly and I'm starting to realize that I'm going to have to take some risks. This is where you guys come in. (I'm 16 by the way)

I've never had a relationship before, because I've chosen not to. But now I reallllly like this girl, she's absolutely adorable. I always find myself laughing like an idiot at everything she says, oh and she's so beautiful. Amazing personality, I could go on for a long time. But recently I've felt like she may like me back... When we talk I can tell she's really interested in what I have to say and sometimes In class when I go to take a look at her (because she's beautiful!!!) I sometimes catch her looking at me. Now these are just some things I've noticed but what are some main signs that a girl likes me? And also how do I know when it's time to ask her out/ tell her my feelings? And when I do tell her I like her, is that also when I should ask her out or does that wait a bit? I'm so confused because I honestly know nothing about dating. Oh and how should one ask a girl out? You're all probably laughing your faces off right now with these absolutely stupid questions lol. But really thank you for your time and answers, even if it's not much of a response it will really help me out and I appriciate it a lot!! Thanks!


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  • FYI you are so adorable. But anyway i was just wondering is there any history between you and her? Like what kind of friendship do u have? Have you gone anywhere alone before? School dances?

    If you haven't then I would play it cool and just flirt a little to show her you're interested; compliments, greetings, conversations.

    • Actually yes there is, a couple months ago I took her to homecoming (no clue how I got the nerves to do that btw) but as far as going places with her, I've done some things with her but never alone. Things like seeing a movie, and then we are both on the school mountain biking team so I always see her there. But I really do talk to her a lot, during school and after. As far as our friendship goes I'd say we are good friends right now, but not great. There's so much more I'd like to know about her though. But just recently we have started texting about more meaningful things ex: life defining moments and such. Which is why I'm looking for help is because I feel I'm getting into some unfamiliar territory as to what I'm doing, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do now I guess!

    • That is a terrific start. You have a good position: you see her often, and you have similar interests. you are probably on her radar. Just keep doing what you're doing and maybe flirt in a way that she can tell you're interested in her more than friends. But homecoming was a great start

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  • Awww. I'm sorry, but I find this totally adorable! :)

    • Please help me 😂😂 I don't have it in me to 'just ask her out' I almost feel like that's disrespectful to her. I just want the best for her so much that I don't want myself to hurt her.. If that makes sense

    • It's great that you are so respectable of this girl. There need to be more 16v year olds like you out there.
      I think you should wait it out a little longer, but by what you said, it definitely sounds like she's interested in you.
      When I was 16, the guy that liked me asked if I'd go go karting with him and some friends. It was just a great way to feel things out. I'm not suggesting go karting, but maybe there is something you can do with mutual friends. That way you can spend more time together, without the awkwardness of one on one, and see how things go.

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  • You can wait around for some signs, but I would just ask her out. You already said she was friendly and had a good personality. What is she going to do, gossip behind your back? No. Now if you said she was a real b**** and you weren't sure if she liked you and you were thinking of asking her out, I'd advise you not to. Because she could potentially use that against you. But if a nice person with a good personality may like you, go for it. Worst that can happen is that she says no.

    I'm not laughing my face off, I think it's a reasonable question. I would just ask her if she wants to go get coffee or something (movies don't really let you talk, so I wouldn't do the cliche movie thing). What's great about asking her out to coffee is that if she rejects you you can just say you meant as friends. If she accepts, make sure she understands it's a date. Granted, she'll probably know you were asking her out either way, but having a backup plan may boost your own confidence so you are able to ask her out.

    Don't over think it. Ask her out. Now or never.