When does the honeymoon phase begins in dating?

Is it from first date on or from when you really become a couple?

I've known this guy for a long time now (more than a year) and we just started dating. Obviously I kinda like him and he isn't shy about showing he enjoys spending time with me either, so there's no doubt we're dating and not just hanging out.
I think we're both shy and inexperienced, but he is/ was probably shier than me. After going on a real date and messaging back and forth, he's getting quite warm, lol. I mean, yesterday he was telling me how he liked my smile and enjoyed spending time with me, he doesn't care where we go or what we do... Something like that.
Now I think that's actually really sweet, but at the time I was a bit freaked out because I didn't know how to respond to that without making a huge confession (which feels kinda early to do and yet?) and took it that he only cared about my outer appearance. =/

We made up again, but I'm feeling like an insecure bitch because I think it boils down to me being afraid...
Although im sure he also has his fears, he seems much braver and more freely giving of himself.
So maybe it's not like it's too early for this kinda sweet talk, maybe I'm just afraid and in sugar overload? I'm not used to being spoiled or loved...


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  • Isn't it honeymoon is for married couple?

    • There's the official honeymoon after a couple gets married and the so called honeymoon phase which defines the beginning of a relationship when everything goes smooth and everything's well in the world, lol.

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