How do I know if im being catfished?

so i meet a lot of people on social networks and i always want to meet them but im not sure if ill be disappointed or not... so how do i know if im being catfished


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  • - They refuse to show pictures of themselves. (If they do, make sure to do a reverse google image search, you might find out who the real person is that way)
    - They refuse to talk to you on the phone/skype call you. (If it's a guy posing as a girl, or a girl posing as a guy, their voice will most likely be a dead giveaway)
    - They might be ok with talking on the phone or Skype calling, but they refuse to FaceTime or video chat (they're most likely not lying about their gender, but they could be lying about their age/looks, which is why they don't want to show their real face).
    - The pictures seem fake, or too good to be true. Usually, people who catfish here on GaG (for instance) use famous instagram users' selfies. It gives you that "real" vibe since, you know, it's instagram and not a professional photoshoot. But if the person is super hot, it might actually just be a model who uses instagram, or a famous instagramer. I've busted like 5 people who used someone else's instagram pics on here.
    - Their stories/experiences seem fake. If there's constant drama in their life and over the top things keep happening to them, chances are that they're lying. Catfishes tend to want to be someone else, or live a life that they never lived, because they feel bad about themselves. So they tend to exaggerate and lie to make their life look more fabulous/interesting. Use your common sense. Ask yourself, could this really happen in real life? What's the likelihood of something like that happening? If it seems fake, it's most likely fake.
    - They keep making up excuses and acting shady in general. Whether it's them not wanting to share pictures/videos or not wanting to video chat, chances are they will come up with some lame excuse. "My webcam is broken/I don't have a webcam", "I don't feel like talking, can't we just keep writing?", "maybe later/some other day?", "I feel ugly so I don't want to take any pictures right now" etc etc.

    • Oh and also, things like Facebook. If they barely have any friends? Chances are it's a fake account, and they've just befriended people they're trying to catfish. They might also claim that they don't have a Facebook at all. Obviously some people don't, but so many do that it almost seems suspicious if someone doesn't (especially if it's someone you don't know in real life, of course).
      Basically, if you use your common sense and if you don't 100% trust every single person you meet on the internet immediately, chances are that you'll be able to find out if someone is catfishing you eventually. Most people are terrible liars, so they tend to slip up at some point, even if they've had years of practice.

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  • Submit all of your catfish inquiries to CommieDearest

  • Ask them to send a picture of them holding a paper saying I'm not a catfish :)

  • Video chat!

  • Am I the only person who doesn't know what catfished means?

    • lol its when u meet some one online but they end up not looking like there pic or are not the person in there pic

    • Oh duh that makes sense. I don't know why I didn't put 2 and 2 together lol

    • lol its ok it took me a while to figure it out too when i first heard it

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  • Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I make it a point to only start romantic relationships with live people I've met. I barely trust anything that happens over the internet.

  • - Ask for videochat. Don't believe in stupid excuses like i don't have camera, my Skype doesn't work, etc. There's always near a computer or other device with camera.
    - Pay attention to their lives. If he/she has a normal life maybe they are telling the truth, Be aware of people that have an incredible (fake) life
    - Pay attention to details. Someone who's lying don't tell about details or get confused and tell contradictory stories (but there are VERY good liars around, fear them, sometimes they have serious mental issues)
    - Real photos don't show in google and they aren't perfect. You can see a pimple here, a little belly there, sometimes bad lighting, etc
    - Don't get paranoid, it's not like House said "everybody lies" but in internet almost everybody does.