What was the happiest moment in your love relation/relations yet?

the most happiest love relation moment of my life was when my gf after a severe nd bad accident woke up in hospital after 3 days of long sleep :( i was very worried then, nd when she woke, it was one of most happiest moments of my life

i was very happy when she woke :)
Same like that everyone have happy moments in their love relation, so please remember nd tell 'em here :D


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  • One time at band camp I played the flute with this ugly girl that I liked and she kissed me where the sun don't shine. It was downright glorious.

    • Ahan awesome scene to imagine :) nice couple ya ;)

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    • okk best of luck :)

    • Thank you sir :)

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  • this man i like, would look at me and smile.. 10 years and i still remember.. miss him !!


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