How long to wait?

We had a great first date last night. But he's going out of town for the weekend- it's something he already had planned before the date.
I'm not expecting to hear from him while he is away and I'm not going to message him while I know he's out of town. But how long do I wait if I don't hear from him.

On the date he mentioned that he would look into something I asked him about Internet when he got back but he never said I'll let you know when I'm back or anything.

And before you say anything I'm not just sitting next to the phone waiting for him.


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  • After the weekend, if you don't hear back by Tuesday, push a button on your own end to say "Hi, how was your weekend?" And also remind him 'About internet.' Wait and see if he responds quickly, not too fast or just puts you on his pay no mind list.
    This way you will get a good idea if there will be a Second date in store and if not... maybe the next time you won't have to worry about any notion of 'Sitting next to the phone waiting for him.'
    Good luck. xx

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