Stuck between two guys?

There's a guy who has been staring at me for a while now and I like him, but I don't know if he feels the same way about me because he thinks I'm dating another guy, which I'm not. He's a quiet person and it's hard to talk to him without being so obvious considering I've never talked to him before and if I start to now it would be awkward since we used to hate each other three years ago. What should I do?

The guy who stares at me is only comfortable around his friends and making any attempts to become friends with his friends is failing. What should I say to him? There's a rumor that's going around that I'm dating another guy and now that he thinks that, I feel him kind of slipping away.
I would love to do that but my parents will also stand in the way of that because they've never met him or his parents


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  • If you're fairly certain he's staring at you, he probably is interested. He is probably thinking all the same things you are about him.

    • Thanks for your feedback and be sure to check my updates ^^

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  • pick the second one i

    • Lol, read again. There is no second one, it's just a misleading title about a misleading "other man".

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    • Thanks @Man_Over_Game and other person (sorry I don't know your username). But what should I say to him?

    • ask him to hang out

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