Do you think he likes me or manipulating with me?

So.. clearly i like this guy and had crush on him since i have met him.. he started 6 convos through 5 last years mostly were about getting help with study , i never initiated convo though cuz he had a gf. Well, not anymore ! They broke up a while a go " couple of months " ..

And here he is initiating chats again but this time the way he's talking to me became different.. he's including " darling , sweeti , babe " in his talk. and also mentioned that im a good looking girl " and actually i am according to many people " . he initiated 3 convos in one week.

So are these signs for that he really likes me or that he's a player and screwing with me? And how should i act around him or say to him when he flirts?

Plus.. when he called me babe i asked him not to call me that again and he apologized for it.. was it good or bad what i did?

Gags anymore opinions plzzz


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  • he likes you... he wants you

    • I like him too but i dont want to seem easy to get.. in ur opinion how should i act like? Should i flirt back or draw a line?
      And if u have any additions i will be more than happy to hear u out.. thanks

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    • Wow t y !!! Will update u if that works ! MHO

    • i apriciate it

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  • He wants in your pants if he's giving you nicknames. I wish I had half the confidence this guy had.

    Flirt away. Or better yet, ask HIM out.

    • I would never let him in my pants lol am old fashioned n waiting to get married 1st

    • Lol. Was just a euphemism.

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  • Only way to find out is to give him a shot - you said you've liked this guy for a long time, so why not flirt back and start spending some time with him?

  • He wants you as a rebound.

    • I dont want to be the rebound