Never kissed her?

OK I was wondering what do you girls think about a guy that's good look very sweet and caring but has never had a girlfriend

and what do you think of a guy that has no making out experience


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  • A first timer is never a problem. Usually, guys that have never kissed a girl (tongue or no tongue), are always the best ones to be with. Reasons? Well, for starters, a girl never likes a guy that's been "around the block" if she's looking for something serious. Second, it's always pleasant to teach a guy how to kiss 'her' way, because then she'll love making out with you! There's nothing better than kissing someone who kisses like yourself. If you're sweet & caring, then more power to you (:

    • Hey thx really boostd up my confd

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  • if they didn't say anything I prob wouldn't know the difference.

    a lot of guys with plenty of experience suck at kissing... so unless you tell the girl, she won't know.


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