Is this girl interested or acting shy?

I have been on 3 dates with this girl. She said she had fun on all of them. This last date was real fun and she was giggling a lot. But she says she naturally giggles. She doesn't always directly look me in the eye and will look down and to the side. She's often sarcastic with me. All and all I surprise her, I think. I hold her hand and pay attention when she is cold.

She also told me some personal stuff like her palm reading and other stuff.

On the cab home, she said she hasn't had so much fun on a date in a long while. I took her home and she hugged me tight. She texted that she had so much fun.

She's really gorgeous and I am okay, so I can't see why she'd be shy or nervous around me.


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  • she likes you. being sarcastic, giggling, acting cold and avoiding eye contact are things I do when I like someone. so have confidence! she would maybe go on one date if she was unsure she liked you, but after three you know she does! :) You might not thik you're that hot but I bet she does! she might not think she's gorgeous. It's all in the eye of the beholder etc .
    Have you kissed her? If not, go for it. She'll be really wanting it by now if you haven't most likely.

    • No, because she was so shy, I didn't want to starve her come off strong. I almost always end all my dates with a kiss, except with her... Next date I will.

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    • All of our dates have been really formal. Like I called to arrange a time, I pick her up, I drop her off. Our last 3 dates have been that way. She was walking around and asked if I wanted to join her.

    • I do. I should just tell her that I like her and she's really nice. She stood me up on our first date, but I didn't confirm it with her, so it's my fault...

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  • She's definitely interested. I'm always shy around guys I really like. If I didn't like a guy I wouldn't care so much about what he thinks of me. She even told you she hasn't had so much fun on a date in a while and texted you after. Those are good signs! I know If I didn't like a guy I wouldn't tell him anything like that or text him after the date.

    • She isn't giving me a lot of attention or texting that much. When I sit close to her, she doesn't move away but isn't moving closer... That's why I find it weird

    • I think she's just shy around you. When I like a guy I try not to text him too much because I don't want to be annoying lol. You're overthinking things! I'm almost positive she likes you so don't worry.

    • Ok, thanks :)
      So how should I be? I don't want to text her too much and come off as needy.. Should I just be forward and come toward her and be touching?

  • She's definitely just nervous because she probably likes you and she's not sure what you are thinking either so just be honest and tell her how you feel and eventually she will become more comfortable with you

    • I pick her up, make sure she gets home safe. I sit close to her and pay attention to her.. It should be obvious

  • Girls get shy around boys they like or maybe she's naturally shy and will come out her shell after a few more weeks of knowing you

    • She says she is a social butterfly and is the life of the party.. I haven't seen that with me. I mean she talks and all. I don't know.

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    • Ok. I mean she told her some private stuff... she talks a lot and doesn't ask me much, I attribute that to being shy...

    • Maybe she doesn't know what to say. I always freeze up on my dates.

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