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I'm 16, and I live with a girl at the same age as me (6 months older) as I was born, and in this last four years, I fell in love with her, but was to scared of saying anything to her, because she is the only person that I fell 100% confident arround, sadly we don't go on the same school, nor see eachother to much with school and that stuff. But when we do things together (cycling, playing basketball etc.) it's only in vacations and sometimes with her brother that is 6 years younger. In September I texted her saying that I would like to be friends with her, and she said that she didn't want to. I respected but I can't forget her, and I don't know what to do, if I should wait to talk to her face to face and explain her that I can't forget or should I just keep trying to forget?

Ok i wrote this bad, i asked if she wanted to be more than friends we are friends over 16 years our age...


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  • Keep trying to forget dude, she didn't even wanna be friends with you, this situation is hopeless.

    • I explained bad, she dind't say that she didn't want to be friend, she just said that she dind't want to be more than friend.

    • Then there is no harm in explaining again but, what I think is nothing you could do or want can make here accept you.

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