I am stupid because I got back with him again. How can I feel better?

I broke up with him like months ago and he got back again. This time I told him it's awkward because I doubt if he loves me. He said he loves me and that even if we don't see each other for long I am in his heart.

I was really advanced in getting over him. I made the mistake of letting him in again and now I am biting my lip.

We met twice and were intimate, but my mind was scolding me again. He doesn't make me feel I am priority and if he is 'busy' he can go for days without a call or text, even if he initiates a lot.

I feel I stabbed myself again by accepting yo get back.

How can I feel better?

I am sick of this on and off thing. I have zero stability with him.


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  • You can only feel better if you broke off with him, permanently. Like somebody have said on here " Dating an ex is like watching a movie you already seen, you know how it end"

    • That's a smart thing -the movie simile

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