He still goes on there?

My boyfriend is still on the site he used to go on before we dated, we have been together 4 months now, & in the past he has been cheated on just like I have. So I doubt he will ever cheat but it does go through my mind lately though, as he approved some girl on the site who lives not far and he doesn't even know her. Plus he has days where he is on whatsapp for ages but doesn't read my message and just disappears :/ I sometimes think why do I even bother, maybe it isn't working out?

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  • Men who feel taken don't keep active hook up acct is all I'm saying.
    If you aren't on the same page relationship wise, it's best to cut your losses.
    Should you confront him & you get the "idk what you're talking about" bs or "its my business what I do" response, cut ties immediately!
    This are giant red flags that he doesn't own his actions & isn't a keeper.