He said thats why he didn't wana be honest with me because he knows ill be upset. Am I insensitive? He went out with two girls. How?

I was back home with my family. My bf went dinner and movies with two girls who are friends. They even went to the place i brought him first time we dated which is special for us, then midnight movies. Which he had never went with me and he knows i like it. I found out through the girl Twitter. Should i dump him? I confronted him and he said he didn't tell me because he knows ill be upset, the thing is i never once ask him who he's going out and where. He has my trust and his own space.


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  • I think its a bit insensitive for him to do that, you're not trying to control him, or anything but it would be nice if he just had the decency to tell you, in contrast to you finding out through other people like you did. It's better to be open then to be slapped in the face with surprise news. I don't think you should dump him, if you just feel hurt that he went to these places, if you suspect he's cheating then ask and confront otherwise, just let it slide, but don't forget, I hope he tries to make it up to you because if he knew you'd be upset he shouldn't have done it to be begin with, what did he think you'd be upset about, about the fact that he went with these two girls or the actual places they went?

    • Babe, he demands me to be honest and said i should ask him first if i were to hang out with any guy friend. I do feel hurt, he should told me out of respect as a girlfriend. he's being defensive

    • So if he thinks you should ask him first to hang out with a guy, he should do the same, it can't go one way and not the other. I would feel hurt too, and exactly you're his girlfriend, he should know how you are, and even if you didn't exactly like the situation at least telling you would have been better.