If I want to date a doctor? Where should I look? I am in community college at the moment?

I am trying to find my future spouse... I would rather him be a doctor. Where should I look?


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  • Date premed students or biology/chemistry students with med-school aspirations. The more motivated and disciplined they are, the better chances they will eventually become a doctor.

    • yeah... I take anatomy but I don't think there's anyone in my class that plan to be a doctor.

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    • You don't need any. I didn't have any experience besides a two-month stint at a fast-food joint when I got the job.

    • I don't even have that. Does it involve driving?

  • Whatever you do , please remember that u should not start it by acting like a patient and start visiting him n shit. THat would cost him his Medical license. And then he will kill you. Then i will come and make sure that you are dead.
    Lol jk , but seriously dont do that ! He will be unable to work alone/in clinics. Which means that all the years he spent in studying will be crushed in a moment ! Take care !! :)

    • I hope not but then again I am going to be studying as well. So I might just join him.

  • *future sugar daddy At least make your gold digging ways less obvious next time, makes it more interesting for the rest of us.

    • Lol... no... no stop judge me. I need to start somewhere and be successful.

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    • Yes but that why I am doing the picking or the asking. Also, I would never ever let anyone take advantage of me. I didn't go to hell and back to be with someone like that. I expect some respect and even if it hurts my guts... I would break it off. Don't make that mistake and be with someone who hurt you just because you fear to be alone. I made that mistake and I am happily recovering. So, yeah thanks for that advice wish someone told me that when I was much much younger. When, I was younger I would have done or change myself so some guy would love. I went the distance of being with a 27 year old who made me his rebound and loving someone who didn't give me the time of day and expected sex. I made ton of mistake.

    • Don't beat yourself up about it. Everybody has something they wish they could go back in a time machine and change. But then things could turn out worse! In other words, be thankful that they didn't, and regret nothing. Life is all about how we handle the troubled situations. But of course, be sure to enjoy the happy situations too!

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