How to ask a guy whether he's interested without seeming needy/desperate?

He's really starting to mess me around. He tells me he has fun with me and says that I shouldn't think otherwise. He tells me that he wants to see me again. He's flirty. He replies to every text really quickly. Yet he's not suggesting a time to meet up. He's not texting so often anymore. He doesn't really text first. It's been a couple of days since he text.

I'm not really sure where I stand or what it is about me? I get hit on by a lot of guys and go on lots of dates, but this guy just doesn't seem like the others. He's really aloof and busy. And I don't know whether he's interested. It's bothering me. Can I ask? Or will I just seem incredible desperate?


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  • Just ask if you really wanna know and if you like him you'll just ask


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