Am I overthinking this or does this guy actually like me?

So I went to a cultural event last weekend and met some 20 people there. I didn't speak the language that most people knew in the group and had already told a cute guy there, when he spoke to me.

Later on one of my friends made a joke about how I was 18 and the guy said 'How old are you?' Later on during the evening, he once again asked me how old I was. I told him I was 22.

While one of my friends was buying us all drinks, he turned to me and said something in his own language about napkins. I looked at him baffled and he said 'Oh yeah, I forgot you don't speak the language' and said that it was a reflex which I found was quite weird, since he already knew I didn't know the language.

On our way home, it was just me, the guy and my other friend. It was quite late and he seemed to make a joke about dating me and said that 'all mothers loved him'

Am I looking too much into this or could this guy perhaps be interested in me?


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  • I think that right now there isn't enough to tell. Though he may think you're cute, I think you're reading too much into this. Give it some time and you'll get a better idea of what he's thinking.


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  • Well you're looking too much into this, guys always love to flirt and give signs like that towards girls, but hey if he keeps doing this incase you two meet again why not try to find out from his friends? That's if you want something to do with him.

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