Why are black women known as worser than black men?

I don't understand how black man can interracial with white girls but, rarely vice versa. I personally, only like white and Mexican men. The video down explains why.


Now, I know all black men aren't like this. But the ones around me act like that. Only care about sex, obnoxious, non caring, HIGHLY disrespectful, REALLY mean, and etc. This is also from MY PERSONAL experience. Also, hate me for saying this, even though its MY PERSON opinion, I think most black men are unattractive. I wouldn't really date one.

I hate the stereotypes black women get. I'm completely the opposite. I don't wear weave, I'm nice, not loud, ghetto, I use proper grammar and not the stupid slangs, and etc.

I'm also hating the racism in the world of 2015. Does it really matter if the first man to go on the moon was black or white? Does it matter we have are first black president? Like race doesn't matter. People should be excited because he did go on the moon. That Obama is a president.

I also hate the term strong independent black women.

But on the other hand, why are many black men with white girls but not vice versa? Some white men base us on sterotypes? Their just as bad as some black women, sometimes worser.


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  • To answer your question, no we're not the most undesirable. Foreign men seem to find us pretty exotic. The American media tends to always have negative things to say towards black women, and gives us a bad image, and of course you have people wanting to believe the media instead of wanting to get to know us as a person. Black men aren't so quick to defend black women, therefore that makes us a very easy target to get talked about. When white women get talked about everyone seem to jump to their defense. When Asian women get talked about Asian men defend them. When latinas get talked about latino men are quick to jump to their aid as well. When black women get talked about you even have black men joining on the bandwagon. We just can't seem to catch a break, but at least most of us black women are confident within ourselves.


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  • I love black woman are beautiful 💕

  • Why does the host in the video try to be black?


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  • *Why are black women known as being worse than black men? Worser is the worst spelling mistake, just so you know!
    Women hate women. We are insecure and when men are involved it, it can make it worse. Don't ever listen to an ignorant black boy, like the ones in these videos they dont know what there talking about there just talking about there sexual experience and judging off that, usually the only white women they can get are the easy, trashy ones that have been around and are full of sexual diseases multiple std, crabs etc. and they dont add up to a good women. Its rare to see them with a classy white women unless they give her respect and appreciation.

  • "I use proper grammar and not the stupid slangs, and etc."... Check your title :D

    • Thats how worse we're known as, that it doesn't make sense lol.

    • That's not the only thing wrong with you._.