How would you feel if a guy randomly approached you?

When im walking around anywhere and I see a girl, i really want to approach her to get to know her yet i dont know if i'll be perceived as weird or awkward
Well say for example i saw this girl and she looked very pretty and interesting. How would you feel if i went over and approached, complimented and wanted to genuinely get to know you?
If it was a ugly or average looking bloke who came up to you, would you mind?



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  • Would depend on a lot of things...

    Does he seem like a genuinely nice person?
    Where was this and how did he approach?
    Did he seem pushy or too eager?

    I'll give you some examples of situations where I would be OK with being approached:

    - At the dog park, guy compliments my adorable dog, asks her name, etc... our dogs sniff each other's butts and we chat for a bit.
    - On the train, I'm reading a book and he tells me he's read it / says he wants to read it and asks how I'm liking it
    - At a social event or bar
    - At a bookstore or movie store, guy notices what book/movie/CD I'm looking at and starts a convo based on mutual interest

    Of course, in any of those situations if I signal that I'm not interested (one word answers, looking away, etc) and the guy doesn't leave me alone I'd be annoyed. Also, it's important to consider the woman's stance - does she seem like she wants to be approached, or does she seem closed off, like she wants to be left alone? Body language and posture speak volumes.

    And some examples of situations where I would be annoyed:

    - On the train and I have my earbuds in
    - Any time I am in public and obviously on a mission/getting shit done

    If you do approach a woman and she isn't interested, cut your losses, say bye and walk away. Don't badger her!!! (Sorry, but this happens a lot and it is really fucking rude and annoying).

    • Would it be ok if i saw her in like a shopping centre and immediately i went up to her without any mutual interest like you say? I would never 'badger' a girl. If they are not interested i would leave right away.

  • Depends on his demeanor


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